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This site is accessible at all times to those using an up-to-date browser which conforms to current standards. Béatrice Martin may nonetheless interrupt access to the site for technical maintenance or information updates without warning and for an unlimited period of time. Vivre en Ville is devoted to ensuring that the information on the website is reliable and up to date.


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This entire website falls within French regulation governing copyright and intellectual property.
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The website provides links to other sites and resources available on the internet. Béatrice Martin does not have the means to verify all of these sites, and consequently accepts no responsibility for them. If a user wishes to establish a hyperlink towards the website, they should send a email to with their request to create a hyperlink. Béatrice Martin reserves the right to accept or refuse a hyperlink without having to give any reason for her decision.
We decline any responsibility for any harm arising by connecting to other internet sites via the links offered on our pages.


Contractual limitations on data

The information contained in the website are as accurate as possible, and the site is regularly updated. Errors, omissions and updating delays may nonetheless occur. Users should therefore check the accuracy of the information, and let us know of any changes they think should be made. Béatrice Martin bears no responsibility for the way the information on the site is used or any direct or indirect damage which may ensue. If you discover a gap, an error or any kind of dysfunction, we would be grateful if you would inform us by email, using the Contact form, describing the error as precisely as possible (which page is the problem, what type of computer and search engine were you using, for example). The website declines any responsibility for hypertext links in the site to other resources available on the internet.


Limited responsability

Béatrice Martin declines responsibility for any damage caused directly or indirectly to the user’s equipment through accessing the website which results either from using equipment which does not conform to the specifications indicated above or from a bug or incompatibility. Béatrice Martin also declines responsibility for any indirect damage (such as damage to the user’s equipment) following use of the website. Béatrice Martin may act to defend her legal rights, civil and penal, against a user in the case, for example, of messages of a racist, abusive, defamatory or pornographic nature, in whatever form (text, images or other).